Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Yards on Earth Day and Year-Round

I'm on an event-plugging binge these past few days, but I'm only giving you the best of the best...and here's another from Yards website.
Yards Earth Day Empty Case Extravaganza 12:00PM-7:00PM In honor of Earth Day, Yards Brewing Company - Pennsylvania's Greenest Brewery - is inviting you to bring your empty cases or six-packs to Yards, fill them up with your favorites and go home a few bucks richer. That's right, you can come to Yards, reuse your cases and six-packs and we can all be greener together. Six-packs save you $1. Cases save you $3. We'd prefer that both are Yards, but really any brand will do. So stop by, say hi and we'll say thanks for helping to reduce waste. Limit four six-packs per customer and two cases per customer. You can combine the two, but you can't exceed $10 in discounted value. Offer only available from noon to 7 PM on April 22. Yards Brewing Company - Pennsylvania's 1st 100% Wind-Powered Brewery.


andrew said...

I wish they would post their case prices online. $3 off is good, but what's it off of? Still, I'm glad I saw this before recycling day this week :)

Steve said...

Casees are $32 per, including all tax.