Monday, April 19, 2010

Work, play, Work

I expect that we should hear more this week from Lew Bryson as he finished up his notes on the Pennsylvania legislative hearings that took place on April 13th. Seeing as how some of the core subjects most interested and involved in the hearings (Maida/Hartranft, Russell, Bryson) all took off immediately after for Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp, it doesn't surprise me that we haven't heard more details yet. With a cross-country flight home to sort it all out, I'm betting that it won't be long now before we can find an update in the usual spot for such things. (trusting, too, that they've brewed a nice--registered--beer to bring home for us all to taste...and prove that they were indeed still doing some form of "work" while out there in CA ;-) Until then, Jack Curtin linked us all in to a Scranton-based article that skimmed the surface.

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