Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Call at Sly Fox....until such time

I'm gonna let the pictures do the majority of the talking here to describe the emotions at the closing of Sly Fox's original location. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon on the south side of route 113 on the outskirts of Phoenixville. Droves would probably best describe the number of people that streamed in over the afternoon to see the Phillies, the Flyers on TV, and the Giannopouloses and the O'Reilly in person while tossing back a few beers. One Brew Lounge regular described to me how bittersweet the move to the north side of route 113 will be for him personally. He mentioned numerous life events from marriage to birth of children to birthdays that were celebrated at Sly Fox's original location. He hopes that the new location will retain some of the unique charm that he felt the old location had/has instead of taking on a more determined strip mall, antiseptic design quality. My guess is that it won't take long for the Sly Fox regulars to break in the new location and give it some of its own unique charm. And, until then....there's always the Royersford location should you need to fill your Sly Fox need for fresh beer.
(Current location with the new location hiding behind the sign in the background)
(As seen from the course of the annual Goat Races)
(Always was, always will be craft brewed in Pennsylvania)
(Coming soon to a beer cooler near you)
(The sly and foxy fox)
(Can't imagine what riled Mr. Doherty so much that the camera shook)
(C'mon Mr. Foley, smile, it's not that bad is it?!)
(I'd come up with something snarky to say about this...but, I must say it's just a mighty fine picture of the Big Dan and the elusive Mr. Curtin....er wait, does that qualify as snarky?)
(The usual suspects times a lot)
(This could be a contest of "who knows more people in this picture?")

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