Sunday, April 04, 2010

Beer Running yesterday at TJs, just one of a hundred things to choose from yesterday

~ Split thy Skull at Sugar Mom's ~ HopFest at Union Jack's ~ 5k at Great Valley HS...5k run on Kelly Drive...and a few others around the region ~ an Iron Hill event in Delaware ~ Devil's Den and Grey Lodge both throwing beer events on the day before Easter ~ Lawn and Garden projects ~ Easter Egg Hunts ~ Backyard pre-summer picnicking ~ traveling with the family for the holiday/spring break There was any number of things you might have taken up yesterday, most of them out of doors, I presume. So, I was pleased to see 10 show up for the 2nd stop on the 2010 Amazing Philly Beer Race, which will conclude June 5th during Philly Beer Week '10. We ran something around 4.66 miles to and from TJs in Paoli. Big props to Dave Casmay who helped push me on to the finish of the 10th annual 5k Butterfly Run in Malvern earlier in the morning. Even bigger high-fives to Kevin Mudrick who continues to encourage me to schedule more of these runs. Seems that between the Fishtown Beer Runs and mine, he can't get enough of proving "the Professor's" hypothesis. Kevin remains the only runner to have come to every one of the Beer Runs that I've conducted over the past 2+ years. And, Pat...friend of The Brew Lounge...who came out to meet up with us and to check out what goodies were on tap from Dock Street. Unfortunately, nothing in the sixtel cooler had kicked recently enough to get either the Cream Ale or Bubbly Wit from Dock Street on tap that we'd arranged for the day. No worries, check back within the next few days to TJs tap list and you should stop in to check it out. P.S. Did I mention...the outdoor dining is now ready for your alfresco enjoyment?


Dave said...

I may have given you a push in the Butterfly run but you returned the favor in the afternoon beer run. The refreshments afterwards also a good push. TJ's always delivers. Great day! See Ya'll at the next one

Mark said...

I am wanting those rainbow socks!


Bryan Kolesar said...

Maybe Kevin will chip in here and let us know where he bought the socks.