Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sierra Nevada, the anniversary collaborations kickoff with Anchor

A tour of Anchor Brewery still ranks as a top 10er on my list of all-time beer "accomplishment" list. The history, the personalized tour, the people, and the tastings (oh my, the tastings) in Potrero Hill south of downtown San Francisco is something that I'm about due to get back and do again very soon. (take a tour of Anchor courtesy of 'Beer and Nosh' if you've never taken one in person.) With the 30th Anniversary brews that Ken Grossman has embarked on this year with other historical luminaries of the industry, his Sierra Nevada brewery is paying homage to some that have brought craft beer brewing in the U.S. to where it is today. The 4-part series kicked off last month with the release of an imperial stout brewed in collaboration with Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing. What I would have given to be in San Francisco on April 1. There sure would not have been any snowfalls to thwart my efforts in getting there. Anchor's brewhouse was the backdrop for a dinner to celebrate the release of this beer. Ken and Fritz played host to beer aficionados (industry and non, alike...see how many you can spot in the pictures) that came to pay tribute to the brewing legacies of Sierra Nevada and Anchor, Ken and Fritz. In exchange, they provided an extravagant feast of food, beer, and brewing stories of old and new. The food, the beer, and the pictures of Jesse Friedman in San Francisco is enough to link to him. That he covered this dinner is all the more reason. A link to Jay Brooks and his own review is a wise link to make as well.

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