Friday, May 21, 2010

The 3rd Annual Philly Beer Run: June 13, 2010

It's back again for a third straight Philly Beer Week, this year with an extra twist. The Brew Lounge is once again teaming up with Dock Street Brewery to conduct a run through the City and a post-run celebration at the restaurant. This year, there will be live music and a cookout at Dock Street. The big twist to the run this year can be found in the notes below. These notes should give you a starting idea of whether you wish to join in with us or not. Last year, we had around 60 participants and a blast afterwards hanging out with excellent pizzas and beers at Dock Street. Give these notes a read-through, then RSVP or drop a note to me if you have additional questions. ---Philly Beer Run Quick Notes--- the 'Date': June 13, 2010 the 'Time': meet between 12pm-12:30pm the 'Where': City Hall, northeast "apron" the 'What': Pick your own route through Center City (this is not a group run), finish at Dock Street at 50th/Baltimore the 'Twist': Make 4 stops along the way to complete a task/challenge (these will be very basic and involve no special skills). You will learn more later about these stops. the 'Why': Even though the route you choose to these stops and eventually to Dock Street will take up to 6-7 miles, these stops provide both a break as well as the chance to earn more points the 'What are these points anyway?': Points will be accumulated by the runners and totaled at the finish as the basis for awarding prizes!! the 'Anything else?': There will be live music and a cookout awaiting the runners at Dock Street the 'Why are we doing this?': Because after 9 days of Philly Beer Week, this is a unique event that will help you to burn off some of those extra calories that you've put on during PBW and have fun at the same time! After you RSVP, more details will be forthcoming...including details about the post-run festival at Dock Street.

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Derrick Peterman said...

How nice of you to schedule the big race on my birthday. Too bad I can't make it.