Friday, May 07, 2010

I'm not a big fan of Boston (Bruins, that is).... you can imagine even more particularly so now during the NHL Playoffs. But, Cambridge and its Brewing Company....whoa nellie, that's a whole nutha story! Take, for example, what they've got going on this weekend as they "turn legal!" Are you in Boston, or going to be? This should be near the top of your to-do list. A visit to CBC and Will Meyers still ranks as one of my top 10 brewpub visits.
From their email update: "This weekend CBC turns 21! Yup, we’ve been around a whopping twenty-one years. And as such we’ve got some serious partying to do and some beer to drink. And we’ve got plenty for you too! You see, many moons ago, right before another CBC birthday celebration, CBC founder Phil Bannatyne challenged Brewmaster Will Meyers to put one beer on tap for each year old we were. And the challenge still stands! 21 Years! 21 Beers! We’ll have 21 of our own handmade, locally brewed beers pouring beginning at 5pm on Friday the 7th, and we’ll keep those taps rockin’ until we close Saturday night the 8th. Vintage beers, new beers, crazy beers, rotating beers. Now, as good at making delicious malt beverages as Will Meyers may be, apparently he’s not so good at good ole fashioned arithmetic. You’ll notice his beer list (below) adds up to a grand total of 31 frickin’ brews! He’s got hoppy ones, malty one, dark ones, light ones, tart ones, herbal ones, spicy ones, roasty ones and a few downright funky ones. And of course you can expect Chef David to come up with some amazing food, though twenty-one specials may be a bit too much to ask. No pressure, Chef! Music on the patio Saturday night will be provided by bluesy string band sounds of the Matt Berlin Duo. The weather is guaranteed to be awesome (If we make the assumption that 31 brews will make any weather 'awesome' ;-), so come enjoy the fab Cantabridgian Springtime and help us celebrate another landmark! Beerfully Yours, Chris **************************************************** CBC 21st Anniversary Party Friday and Saturday May 7th and 8th 5:00pm to 1:00am 21 Years ~ 21 Beers Music (Saturday Only) by the Matt Berlin Duo **************************************************** Beers at the Main Bar: 1) Regatta Golden 2) Cambridge Amber 3) Tall Tale Pale Ale 4) Charles River Porter 5) Spring Training I.P.A. 6) Three Rings 7) Red God 8) 2009 YouEnjoyMyStout 9) 2009 Cerise Cassée 10) 2009 Tripel Threat 11) Benevolence 12) Big Man Ale 13) Cask Spring Training w/Sorachi Ace 14) 2008 Bannatyne’s Scotch Ale 15) Oakquinox 16) Biere de Miel 17) Bad Knees barrel-aged English Old Ale Beers on in the Beer Garden: 1) Regatta Golden 2) Cambridge Amber 3) Spring Training I.P.A. 4) Three Rings 5) Sgt. Pepper 6) 2009 Heather Ale 7) Red Barn Espresso Stout 8) The Black Ryder Beers On Deck (to be rotated in) ~Arquebus 2010 ~2008 Blunderbuss Barleywine ~The Colonel ~2009 Reckoning ~2010 Kriek de Cambridge ~2007 Resolution All subject to slight changes as the event necessitates. Cheers!"


kmudrick said...

That Cerise they served at Ommegang Fest 2 years ago is *still* probably the best sour I have ever had in my life.

Bryan Kolesar said...

That same Cerise, to the best of my recollection, is the first American-made "sour" that turned me on to that type of beer back like 5 or 6 years ago by this point.

Wonderful stuff...if you're ever in Boston, CBC is the one beer stop I'd make (probably) above all others.