Friday, May 07, 2010

Exton Beverage (and the Brewsletter) goes to Beer Camp

I haven't touted this too loudly since I'd begun over six months ago and that's my fault. No one ever accused me of being a self-aggrandized marketer! Not to say, though, that I shouldn't have told you about the work that I've undertaken with Exton Beverage Company to produce a monthly "Brewsletter." While the physical newsletter has all sorts of interesting content (what else did you expect?!) for retail customers (pick one up at the checkout counter) of the Exton Beverage Center, the short article that I include in each month's is posted up on Exton Beverage's website. The bonus in the May issue is that the owner, Greg Ramirez, wrote an article about his recent experience at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, CA. He was part of the Philadelphia-based contingent that comprised Sierra Nevada's most recent Beer Camp in April 2010. The beer that they produced is intended to be unveiled during this year's Philly Beer Week. Enough from me, go over to Exton Beverage's website and check out what Greg has to share...including a few pictues of the work...and play that took place.

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