Saturday, May 29, 2010

Capone's will be closed for two days....with a twist

While the bottle shop at Capone's will remain open for both Sunday and Monday of this Memorial Day weekend (pretty standard for Capone's on holidays), the restaurant/bar will be closed. That's not necessarily the news nor the twist. The twist is that he'll fill growlers for you from the restaurant via the bottle shop and if you call ahead, they will be pre-filled for you to reduce your wait time once you're there. Maybe I haven't paid attention in the past and perhaps that is also SOP, but nonetheless, I thought it would be worthwhile to share this news with you...since, I know there's always some sort of mad scramble around on holidays to find beer at just the time you need it. By the way, while plugging Capone's here, I might as well go ahead and share with you a new Beer Week: Capone's Beer Week....and it just so happens to coincide with Philly Beer Week ;-) Here's the lineup: (Visit their site for all event details) Fri 6/4 (6:30pm-9:30pm) Old Dominion. Meet all the Brewers Keep the Pint Glass! Sat 6/5 (11am to 2pm) Cigar City Meet Joey The Head Brewer Sun 6/6 (11am-3pm) Brunch w/St. Somewhere Sun 6/6 (3pm-6pm) Meet owner and founder Tim Suprise of Arcadia Ale's and Rick Suarez Mon 6/7 (1pm-3:30pm) Boon Brewery Meet Frank Boon Mon 6/7 (4pm) Dogfish Head Brewery on Draft Tue 6/8 (4pm-6pm) Ayinger Meet Brewer Franz Tue 6/8 (7pm-9pm) Meet 12% Imports Brian Ewing/ also Brian from Stillwater & and at least Three other Belgian Brewers Wed 6/9 (7pm-9:30pm) Meet the Brewer From Weyerbacher Thu 6/10 (4pm-7pm) Meet Rob The Head Brewer from Prism Brewing Thu 6/10 Founders Night Meet Dave the owner and Mike Bell Fri 6/11 (2pm-4pm) Odell's Meet the Brewer 1st time on East Coast Does all of this make Matt Capone the hardest-working or most accommodating publican around these parts? Well, surely you know I would never go that far! (It'd be too unfair to many others doing the same.) But, we can safely say that Matt is going beyond the call to uphold his end of the deal. Well, I guess that's not necessarily news to most of you either.

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