Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Philly Beer Week 2018. Three days 'til kickoff and one last look at the calendar

Here we go one more time. After today, not doing any more detailed sleuthing through the PBW '18 calendar. If an event's not listed by this point of T-minus three days until the kickoff, I can certainly go with what's been taken seriously enough to get planned and on the calendar before now. Although, spelling of an establishment's own name, and an occasional brewery, and a growing number of duplicate events (48 as of last night) still seems to be an issue. And, the website and calendar navigation? Well, I've heard again from enough of you that I won't dwell on it here, but suffice to say, I wouldn't be undertaking these efforts to share with you if I didn't know it was appreciated.

Here's what's new since my update last week with data drawn late last night. As always, my standard disclaimer that while I fully trust my own data cleansing and analytical processes, the PBW website should always be seen as the official calendar of record.

However, again, if you'd like a copy of my spreadsheet containing the "cleaned calendar", feel free to ask and I'll shoot it right over to you. Those that have requested in the past will get a proactive forward of the calendar sent this afternoon.

    - 338 unique events (up from 222) listed by 56 establishments in the city and 12 outside, including beer gardens, non-traditional venues, and grocery stores (eight locations are Whole Foods stores)

    - up from just three, there are now at least ten dog-related events; that sounds more typical

    - all the Uptown Beer Garden events now appear to be listed; always a nice respite, weather permitting

    - By day, here are the current number of events, with the previous count in parentheses
         Fri. Jun. 1 - 35   (20)
         Sat. Jun. 2 - 40   (26)
         Sun. Jun. 3 - 34   (20)
         Mon. Jun. 4 - 29   (19)
         Tue. Jun. 5 - 38   (22)
         Wed. Jun. 6 - 36   (24)
         Thu. Jun. 7 - 45   (31)
         Fri. Jun. 8 - 36   (22)
         Sat. Jun. 9 - 30   (24)
         Sun. Jun. 10 - 16   (14)

    - a few new events catching my eye and have me considering adjusting my personal schedule include: the Urban Village anniversary weekend from 6/1-6/3; Sterling Pig cookout at Prohibition Taproom on 6/3; Shelton Night at Pistola's Del Sur on 6/7; Late Night with Joe Gunn at Jose Pistola's on either 6/5 or 6/7; and the Samuel Smith feature at Grey Lodge moved from Saturday to Friday, 6/8, which is definitely more convenient for me and something I'd really like to pop in for, if for nothing else than a walk down early 90's memory lane.

    - The Hammer of Glory Tour is shaping up, but really would like to see more details at the official itinerary before committing to any part of my Friday.

    - Opening Tap looks to be ready to go with a full lineup of attending breweries. Lots of locals, a few noticeable absentees, and more than a handful of out-of-towners. Expect this to be more crowded this year, being held on a Friday instead of a Thursday night, as was last year's.

    - 197 events (nearly 60%) are listed at the following
         Bru, U-bahn, Cinder - 38
         Grey Lodge, Hop Angel, Bonk's - 24
         both Lucky's Last Chance - 22
         all Whole Foods - 19
         both Garages - 15
         Interstate Draft House - 11
         Standard Tap - 10
         Memphis Taproom - 10
         Uptown Beer Garden - 10
         Johnny Brenda's - 9
         Devil's Den - 9
         Strangelove's - 9
         City Tap Houses and Field House - 9

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