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Monday, November 14, 2005

Beer Review: Sam Adams Winter Lager

So I was on my way to Florida last Monday and I stopped at Olde Philadelphia Tavern - Concourse A East of Philadelphia International Airport. They had some good beer on tap besides the standard fare. I don't have my notes right now, but, I know Guiness, Sam Adams Lager, and Sam Adam Winter lager were on tap. I have tried Sam Adams Winter Lager before, but, it was a long time ago and I have expanded my tastes since then. Let's just say that it didn't disappoint. Sam Adam's sometimes comes off as a bit too filtered and complex, but, not so with this brew. Again I don't have my notes so I'll do my best to remember the details. Not much nose, kinda like an Alt in that respect. Boy I didn't expect the sweet finish of this one! It really balanced out the slight bitterness upfront. If you think Yeungling lager is sweet this "lager" does it one better. Kinda like a Scotch Ale. Hmmm...I drank too much Sam Adams way back so i don't drink it that often these days. This Winter Lager reminds me that there's more to their lineup. If you get a chance to try it and you like a slightly sweet beer give it a shot. Hey if you are flying into or out of Philly, you should stop by the Olde Philadelphia Tavern in Concourse A if you get a chance. Good beer and the burger I had was pretty tasty too. ;-)

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