Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm Back! Ybor Amber Lager & other Florida stuff

Last night we landed in Philly after a vacation in Ft. Myers, Florida. My family and I didn't go there for beer of course, however I did take notice of a few beer related items while on vacation there. Here's a store in Fort Myers where you can buy some good beer, A.B.C. Fine Wine & Spirits. I wouldn't say the beer is cheap, however they do have an awesome selection. From all the usuals to Rogue, St. Bernardus, Anchor Steam, Chimay and of course some Florida brew. Florida Brewing Company's, Ybor Amber Lager was pretty good. I would have to say it was very close to a Yeungling Lager, slightly sweet, but, more dry and nutty. I would have to say that they best beer I had on vacation was Guiness Stout and Sam Adams Winter at the airports. Other than that Heineken was about the only beer I could rely on that had any taste. I did buy some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at A.B.C as well. I wonder what I would turn up if I really looked for good beer in Florida?

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