Thursday, November 10, 2005

McKenzie Brew House in Frazer, PA - Construction Update

No sooner did I post a construction update on Monday and the fermenting tanks have arrived and are being brought inside one at a time. I'll continue to update with pictures and comments as the events warrant. (Maybe this indicates that their brewing operations will be in full swing in time for their grand opening?!)


Anonymous said...

When is the "Grand Opening"?
Think plans need to be made for
attending and for a follow up vacation day!

On another note,the Valley Forge Collectibles group will be having a show Nov 11 & 12 at the Holiday
Inn Hotel in Morgantown right off
the PA turnpike, exit 298. Friday
is 2-8pm and Saturday 9-2pm. In the past have picked up some nice 'pulls" and a couple "neons".

Bryan Kolesar said...

As of now, they're shooting for a 2/1/06 opening. But, this has been a very long-running, don't lock-in your day off too soon!