Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Brewing: Barleywine ABV

Just a quick note. Now that I have my notes back I can calculate the ABV for the barleywine. Drumroll please...it weighs in at more than 11.5%! ~:-)


Bryan Kolesar said...

MMMMMMM, How 'bout a monthly tasting? I can't wait. The prospects for a kick-ass barleywine keep getting better. Hope you documented this one well!!

Adam said...

Oh yes, I have my notes. I'm still trying to determine how to go about bottling it. I have the oxygen barrier caps ready to go, but, I'm a little wary about the exploding bottle thing. Not sure how much more fermenting it will do in the bottle. As I understand it you are supposed to put less priming sugar in than normal.

I'm probably just worrying too much.