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Friday, April 06, 2007

TBL - New Site Layout

Let us know what you think about the new site design. Take the poll! See it over there on the right?


Jonathan said...

It's okay. Not all that distinctive, but functional, which is the most important thing.

Adam said...

Jonathan, thanks for the feedback. The goal was to make it better than the last design. We're still working on distinctive ;-)

So, do you think it is better than the old design?

Jeremy said...

I like the new design. Now you need a custom Brew Lounge logo :-)

Adam said...

:-) Over the next few months we'll be making more improvements. Stay tuned!

Travis said...

It's good, there are a few other things you could do to change it...did you upgrade to the new blogger beta?

Adam said...

Thanks Travis. I have upgraded to the new Blogger Template.

If you have ideas, We'd like to hear them.

Travis said...

I had better luck finding original templates for the old blogger, but the cool part is that you can switch back and forth from new to old inside the new blogger (under the Template tab). I am sure there are other templates out there, but when I was looking there were not too many.

They are really easy to apply and work with once you get the hange of what does what in the templates HTML language.

Good luck.

Adam said...

The new template is a bit more complex due to all of the extra widget markup language. It is also alot easier to change without coding. That leaves more time for content creation :-)

Thanks again. There's more to come in the coming months.

Mark (Retired) said...

Like the heading, color, cleaner, crisp look (Mmm talking about beer or the site).

Personally, prefer menu on left instead of right (most sites do seem to do left). Guess cause when I read left to right - don't want to keep running into menu (maybe should not have had that last beer).

Anyway - Good Luck - know it will work out great!

Adam said...

Thanks Mark (retired). You have to rub the retired part in, don't you?!

Will take it under advisement for future revisions to the site.