Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brewing Beer: Last minute brewing...

If there is one thing I am an authority on, it is last minute brewing. For years I would think, hmmm maybe I should brew today. Usually it was Sunday or some other time when the homebrew store was closed. This time I'm lucky. Thanks to Bryan I have ingredients and I'll be able to brew tonight. While visiting Bethlehem Brew Works he stopped by the homebrew shop nearby and picked up; 4 cans of malt extract, some DME, 4 oz of cascade hops pellets, a couple liquid yeast packs. I also have various random packages of hops pellets in the fridge. I'm all set. Oops, I forgot the grains. Oh well, this one will be without steeping grains. I still had some yeast harvested from the last batch of California IPA. I have a starter of that in the works. I also have the German ale smack pack. I guess I should think about my recipe now. I will be brewing with the German ale yeast by 8:00 PM. What can I say? I'm a last minute kinda guy. As long as I stockpile some ingredients that isn't a problem.

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