Friday, April 13, 2007

Triumph Brewing in Philadelphia, PA...a brief stop before Monk's New Belguim Dinner

Leave work, then home to check in with the family and then off to the train station. Bryan was waiting with tickets in hand. Jumped on the Amtrak as it paused in Paoli. Twenty Six minutes to 30th Street Station and a quick switch to Regional Rail. Caught the L over to Triumph.

Speaking of which Triumph is cool in a rustic clean kinda way. Not too stuffy and not too casual. Decorated with rough wooden timbers as bottle racks behind the bar and a smooth wooden bar alongside stainless steel and art; lotsa interesting twists and turns in the space.

Oh right...the beer! With limited time to spend here we each ordered one pint. Bryan grabbed a dunkel. I tasted the kellerbier. We were also offered a complementary taste of the Chico and the porter. Not bad at all. The kellerbier was sharp with hops and held together well with malt. What a full and hoppy nose. This place could be perfect for a group outing. OK, we'll have to cover that in more depth at a later date. Off to Monk's Cafe!

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