Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bridgewater's Pub at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, PA

Who knew?!

This is not a full review, since this stop only lasted for one beer, or 20 minutes, but seriously...Piraat, N'ice Chouffe, Spaten, etc. on tap? Not too shabby. Nice option to keep in mind for when your train gets delayed or you have some extra time to spend at 30th Street Station in Philly.

Check out some decent bottles too.


Geschpect said...

I go out of and come back into 30th st station daily. This pub rocks, hands down. You won't ever find a better rest stop during your travels. Link the menu if possible. Boar burgers, ostrich soup. It's insanely good.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thanks Geschpect, I challenge anyone to disagree with your opinion :)

Here are a couple of other short posts that I did about visits to Bridgewater's.

July '08 & October '08

And, my visit during Philly Beer Week (of which there were a few while getting off or on the train at 30th Street).