Sunday, April 22, 2007

'Topic of the Week': Week In Review; Mug Clubs

Either most of you don't care about mug clubs or you're just a silent bunch on this week's topic. Thanks to Jeremy and Matt; both added their favorable experiences with Iron Hill's mug club in West Chester, PA. It certainly, from my limited experience, does seem to be one of the better managed ones, for both the business and their customers. Beer geeks tend to be a migratory bunch and, as Adam mentioned, just want good, well-crafted beer at a fair price wherever they may pull up their bar stool. My advice would be, if you're so inclined to join one of these clubs, to seek out a brewpub that you like (duh!) where the entry fee, thresholds, and benefits are acceptable to you. Avoid those with unreasonable fees, minimums, and renewal "fine print." Remember, it should be about promoting better/craft beer culture and community, not the "glory" of being club president (i.e. you spent a whole lot of money).

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