Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Making Beer: Barleywine...popped off again!

Ok, so the air lock popped off again. I really need to get a handle on this. Now I have a big messy plastic bucket fermenter on my hands when I get home. Oh yeah and my wife is loving the "stinky beer smell" in the house.


Bryan Kolesar said...

I'm sure Lisa has some time, so ask her to upload some pictures and post some comments about her feelings on the subject! :)

Adam said...

Heheh...I think your smoking something dude. Maybe a comment. Definately not the pictures.

BTW stopped at the beer store to get a carboy and a fitting to attach a blow off tube. I don't think it will help me now, but, I'll be set next time we make a barley wine ;-)

I will use the carboy for the second fermentation of one of the batches. Jeremy is lending me his carboy for the other.