Thursday, January 26, 2006

Iron Hill - Mug Club Renewal Party!

On Tuesday, February 7th from 6pm till 10pm, Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, PA has their annual Mug Club Renewal party... it is when you get to pick up your collectible mug from the last year and register for the new year. It is not just for mug club owners though... anyone can come and join the fun and register for the mug club! Myself and a few other friends joined last year and loved it. This year Jackie and a bunch more people are going to join... Brian, Adam!?!?! Here are the details of the party and what you get for joining the 2006 Mug Club/Loyalty Program... The party this year will feature a beer and chocolate pairing with creations from West Chester's own Eclat Chocolate. They'll kick off the pairings at 6 pm, get there early if you want to be sure to get some chocolate. If you can't make the party you'll be able to pick up your mug and renew your membership anytime during business hours through March. You may want to check out Eclat's website and accolades . Benefits of the Mug Club: *An exclusive 24 oz signature beer mug! *Any-time filling of the mug for the same price as our 16 oz pint(promotions included)! *Invitations to exclusive mug club events throughout the year! *Direct contact via e-mail with Head Brewer (Me, Chris LaPierre) regarding upcoming releases and events! *Points are accrued for each dollar spent excluding tax and tip and the purchase of gift cards. *Earn a $25 reward certificate for every 300 points accrued. *200 free points credited at time of sign-up. Party to include: *Distribution of 2005 Collectable Iron Hill Brewery Club Mug! *Registration for 2006 Iron Hill Brewery Mug Club! (Still only $25!) *Special Seasonal Beers (For Mug Clubbers Only!) *Beer and Chocolate Tasting! *$2 House Beers *$3 Special Seasonal Beers (Mug Clubbers only!)


Adam said... really are the Iron Hill correspondent :-)

Bryan Kolesar said...

Is there a min. number of visits required to make during the year to be eligible for renewal the following year?

Jeremy said...

No minimum visits required. BTW, Iron Hill of WC is tapping their 1,000 batch of beer tommorrow night... its a barleywine.