Sunday, January 22, 2006

PA Beer: Penn Brewery Gourmet Selection Case

Yeah we tried them all! Bryan was kind enough to pickup a mixed case or as they say "gourmet selection" for the Steelers/Broncos game (Go Steelers!). So how were they? I liked them all. Very clean with a good solid taste. In fact, there really wasn't anything offensive about any of them. My pick of the case would be the Penn Pilsner. I can't wait for my Dad to taste this. He likes a good clean and crisp lager with some malt flavor. This is it kinda reminds me of the Kolsch I brewed recently. Second, would be Penn Dark, followed by the Gold and the Weizen.

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Bryan Kolesar said...

This could be the first time we ever agreed completely on the ranking. The Pilsner was the true winner :)