Tuesday, January 10, 2006

McKenzie Brewhouse in Glen Mills, PA

I've been sitting on this for a while so before it gets too old I better post it. Here are a couple pictures of McKenzie Brewhouse in Glen Mills, PA. Not too long ago Bryan and I stopped by on our way to Total Wine in Delaware. We were impressed with the beer. I honestly wasn't expecting much. Some friends said it was OK when I asked them about it, but, no rave reviews. Bryan and I tasted the following... Raven Porter - Baltic Porter Goldings IPA - Double IPA VuuVe XXxXX - Hybrid Belgian IPA I would have to say that I enjoyed it. I would go back again. We especially enjoyed the VuuVe XXxXX :-) Now I'm even more excited about the new location less than a mile from my house. Not too sure how that will play out with the rest of my family though ;-) I'm sure glad my wife doesn't read this blog....at least I hope not....heheh. Honey? Are you out there?

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