Saturday, March 18, 2006

Event: Sly Fox Brewery : St. Patrick's Day : 3/17/06

This will just be a short posting about last night at the Sly Fox Brewery in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. For a holiday event with so much (10 weeks) hype leading up to it, there were many ways in which this could have been a better night at Sly Fox. Don't get me wrong; I'm not bitter. I'm just disappointed in a night that I thought could have been significantly better. I will still continue to proudly support and promote Sly Fox (to anyone who will listen :) A few humble suggestions on my part: - Live Music; I'm not sure why a culture with so much great music was not celebrated with a band playing live music on St. Patrick's Day. Especially, considering that there was live Irish music weekly at Sly Fox for 10 weeks leading up to last night. - Prize Announcements; Why so quickly? Spread them out over the course of the night. For the 10 weeks that it took to "earn" the raffle tickets (did I mention that the 1st prize was a trip for two to Ireland?), the ceremony for the 15 prizes seemed rushed and without much excitement. Maybe this also was due in part to the prize announcements being made between the two Sly Fox locations? - Specialty Beer; For the last couple of months the rotation of beers has not been what it seems to have been in the past. Maybe because of the head brewer's marriage plans and honeymoon or maybe because of the opening of the second location, the number of different beers being cycled through is down; I'm not sure. However, I might have thought that a "specialty beer" would have been brewed to commemorate the St. Patrick's holiday. Now, maybe I shouldn't quibble, because the Ichor (Belgian Quadrupel) was released in 750ml bottles the prior day. Can't wait to taste it tonight; could be something to cellar for future years! So, with no live music, no significantly new beer, and the prizes completed at 9:15, we had no real motivation to stay. Give us any one of these three and I'll bet we would have stayed until they needed to boot us at closing time. We moved on to the Flying Pig in Malvern for more good beers instead.

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