Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's in Adam's Fridge..Backroom..Garage?

Ok Ok I can't let you have all the fun Bryan. Interestingly enough I for once have a decent variety. Let's see if I can stand up to Bryan's stash. Many of them are singles that I'm saving for that special time. The Fridge Left Hand XXXmas Ale Troegs Mad Elf 2005 Rochefort 10 Greene King/Morland Brewery Wexfords Irish Cream Ale Victory St. Victorious Black Mountain Brewing Co. Chili Beer Coors Blue Moon Anchor Brewing Co. Our Special Ale Thirsty Dog Imperial Stout Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout A bottle of yeast from a batch of homebrew. Back Room A bottle of my barleywine. Harpoon Winter Warmer Dogfish Head 120 min High Point Wheat Beer Company Ramstein Winter Wheat North Coast Brewery Old Stock Ale Brooklyn Monster Barleywine 2005 Unibroue Ephemere Rogue Santa Private Reserve (not shown) Garage My Wee Heavy & Imperial Stout homebrew kegged.


Bryan Kolesar said...

See!?!? Once you start taking inventory, it's more than you thought, eh?! Nice stash! Gotta work on the turnover rate, though ;-)

Adam said...

Beer was coming out of the woodwork. It was like night of the living beer...heheh.

Jeremy said...

You both have a very nice selection of beer. My beer inventory is pretty slim right now since I am on a diet :- /

I cheated this weekend though to make a trip to Eulogy... had a Rochefort 10 and a St. Bernardus 12 ABT... both were excellent (of course) Eulogy was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be... def a hole in the wall sorta place.