Thursday, March 23, 2006

San Francisco Knows Good Beer

Over the next few weeks, you will see me writing about my beer experiences in San Francisco, California. I tasted many good beers, but I also learned one valuable lesson: San Francisco knows how to promote good beer.

Case in point; there exists an official San Francisco Brewers Guild. They even publish a guide/map of the member establishments across the city. I'm not aware (though, probably not the best person to ask :) of organizations like this elsewhere in the country. (Plus, in all candor, I'm only aware of what they have done through their brochure and their unfinished website. But, hey, are they not on the right track thinking about the "right stuff"?) Do any of our readers know of these sort of groups around the U.S. or around the world?

So, I'll end at this point because I will have plenty to say (as usual ;-) in upcoming writings about San Francisco beer bars, brewpubs, and breweries. We look forward to hearing from any of our readers with similar experiences in this great city.


Anonymous said...

Here's a few of the regional beer groups I've found. I am sure there are lots and lots more. Some of these are generally regional beer information sites, but a few also do events and regional brewery promotions. - North Carolina Beer Community - California Beer Page - The Gotham Imbiber (New York City) - THE site for beer in the Chicagoland area - Illinois Craft Brewers Guild - Indiana Beer Information Site - Michigan Beer Guide - Michigan Brewers Guild - Michigan Brew Tour - Beer News and updates from Minnesota - Montana State Brewers Association - New York City Beer Guide - Oregon Brewers Guild - Pacific Brew News (California, Oregon and Washington State) - Portland Beer Information Site - Washington Beer (Washington State) - Washington State Brewers Guild

Bryan Kolesar said...

Hm, uh yeah, you'd think for all that we follow your site, that I wouldn't have overlooked that you're a good example of something good happening in the same vein the NC area....oops, sorry!

Anyway, many thanks for the great reference list!