Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beer Run at Ortino's Northside

I'm rounding up. It was a great 7 mile run (6.8 if you really want to be specific, but hey we earned the extra 0.2 mile credit), with no less than five noticeable hills, in a steady drizzle on Sunday. Big props go out to Chad and Kevin for making the long trek out to Ortino's Northside from where they live. Of course, the group could have been larger. But, given the distance of Ortino's from most of the beer runners on my distribution list and the projected weather, I wasn't too surprised. Somehow, we found a break in the weather where it only drizzled steadily on us, which was more of a refreshing drizzle rather than blinding, and we missed most of the wind and lightning. Any of you in the southeastern Pennsylvania area this past Sunday know exactly what I'm talking about. We actually had more friends meet up with us afterwards than there were of us doing the running. This one, that one, the other one, the little one, the big one, and everyone but no one showed up to lend rehydration support at the finish line. We all gathered outside under Northside's patio. And, of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Sara (WHO'S your shadow?!) who made sure that we stayed properly hydrated...and that we kept our odor-offensive selves outside and away from other more pleasant looking customers. Oh, and yes gentlemen, Sara still rocks. What a great place this is to gather and while the afternoon away, especially when the afternoon is filled with torrential weather. Hefeweizens, IPAs, chocolate stouts, and imperial something-or-others all went done extremely well, especially when paired with nachos, scallops, and of course John Ortino's signature barbecue. You should be able to pick up on my ringing endorsement of Ortino's Northside. If you haven't been there before--yes, it is a bit of a trek for those of you in the Philly area--I challenge you to get there and try it for yourself. Put up the atmosphere/service, the beer list, and the food against any of the Philly-area's best and tell me if you don't agree.

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Dan Bengel said...

Gee whiz, that sure was nice of you to say. But who were the pleasant customers? :)