Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to Read Beer more Efficiently

How do you get your Daily Fill Up at The Brew Lounge, or any of the other myriad beer sites out there in the big wide world of the Internet? Well, if you go through a list of favorites, or try to remember to visit them all on a regular basis hoping that you don't miss any, then you're not going about it in the most efficient manner. I could try to describe how to use these tools and why you should, but there's a way better website out there that explains these matters in such an easy manner, that why should I break a sweat doing it? It's amazing how these folks at Common Craft have taken what could be complex topics (to many people) and communicated them in such an easy fashion. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) - If you don't subscribe to my RSS feed, then you might not know what RSS can do for you. - There's a little link over there on the right for my RSS feed. See it? It's labeled, conveniently, "RSS Feed." Look for similar words or the orange symbol on any other website with an RSS feed. - Most/Many sites have an RSS feed that can be subscribed to similarly with just a couple of clicks. - After you watch the tutorial, you'll want to subscribe to my RSS feed and dozens of other sites. - In the end, keeping up with your beer reading will never have been easier. Twitter - Honestly, I tried Twitter and it hasn't yet caught on with me. But, it's caught on elsewhere with brewers and writers alike. Like anything, if you're willing to put in the effort, you might have some fun with it. - Go watch the tutorial, then look for "Beer" feeds on Twitter, follow them follow you (but don't follow me, it'll get you no where), then wait for your tweets - Basic Brewing, Magnolia, Stan Hieronymous, Toronado, Scoats, Flying Dog, and The Brewing Network are great places to start


Anonymous said...

You can get your complete fill of Beer-related blogs at really simple BEER syndication:

Kevin said...

I can attest that after Bryan explained to me what RSS was it made my beer blog reading much more efficient. Thanks Bryan.

David said...

And I think one of the best rss readers out there is the one Google has. If you haven't tried it yet, start throwing your rss blog links in there. It will be like crack and you won't know when to stop and you will spend far less time reloading pages over and over again.