Friday, August 29, 2008

The Philadelphia Beer Scene Leaves No Neighborhood Behind

Yes, Jack, this IS a very good thing. From what I saw at Memphis last night, nothing will slow Spanky down. Careful, he might turn the 'S' into a Superman logo. Can't wait to see the new place added along the trail of Bridgewater's, White Dog, Mad Mex, and Dock Street. I can see a certain pub crawl master drawing up plans now. Heck, you could even throw Cavanaugh's in the mix so that you don't dry out along the way. Speaking of no neighborhood left uncovered...The Sidecar (my first visit last night) appears to be doing quite nicely in the not-so-much-'hood-as-it-used-to-be area of 22nd and Christian. Brian, Tim, and Suzanne (along with a few lasses) and a cast of thousands were tossing back perfect glassfuls of rauchbier, dubbel, saison brune, schwarzbier, and one other that I'm counting on someone out there to help me to remember.


Dr Joel said...

Pretty sure the missing beer was Royal Weisse. My first trip too and i'm definitely headed back...i was told that the kitchen rocks and that i can bring vinyl along.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thanks! You're just the type I was counting on to remember :)

Unknown said...

"You're just the type I was counting on to remember :)"

what's that supposed to mean;)