Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dog Days of Summer 2008: This Year's Version

The running has been great and the beer tasting even better. This has been one heck of a summer for great craft beer here in Philly...and beyond. But the dog days of summer here in August are doggin' me with a bunch of work that I'm doggedly trying to keep up with. Fortunately, the weather hasn't been as bad as the dog days are normally defined to be. So this weekend looks like a good mid-month breather; you likely won't see me out and about nor much here in this spot until again next week. If you've been one of the many to leave me an e-mail (that has seemingly gone unanswered), this looks like the weekend for me to get caught up on my inbox as well. The last two weeks of the month are going to keep me nice and busy (well, at least busy) so if you don't hear me blathering on as much as you're accustomed to, then just wait 'til September cuz things should be getting real interesting right around then. Good beer...

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