Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Charities Worth Your Attention

Pints for Prostates Drinks Journalist Rick Lyke has fought his fight with prostate cancer and come out swinging with a Pints for Prostate charity. You can read more about the objectives of the program over at the Pints for Prostate official website. ALS Benefit- Raise A Glass to Darryl Goss Cambridge Brewing's first head brewer, Darryl Goss, has been dealing with ALS for the last two years. Flat Top Johnny's, next to CBC, is hosting a fundraising event (beer, food, pool, auction) this coming Thursday, August 14th where proceeds will help to cover mobility and other needs of Darryl's that are not covered by insurance. If you are unable to attend the event, contributions are accepted at the address listed on the website. tip: if you find Flat Top Johnny's blog difficult to read, trying pushing Ctrl-A and it may become more readable Rock the Mike: The Mike Freeman Brainefit Long-time employee, Mike Freeman, of Flying Dog has been fighting brain cancer now for several months. Like with Darryl Goss, friends and family are getting together to help raise money to offset some of the uninsured astronomical medical expenses. Check for details of the 8/23 event in Colorado over at the site. Also, you can follow along with his progress over at a site maintained by his fiancée.

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