Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Belgian Beer Dinner to set the table for 2008 Beer Dinner of the Year

Mr. Home Brew Chef, aka Sean Paxton, just can't get enough of pairing great beer with great food. And, neither can we...or at least I'm going to speak for the collective we. The approach to developing a menu of this magnitude astounds me and I, for one, would love to be there next Thursday at Ebenezer's in Maine. Sadly, it almost certainly won't happen. Though, notice, I said almost. Check out a sneak peak of the beer menu here, then jump over to the full menu of food and beer over here. 10 courses....not a misprint! (If you think Sean's not been busy enough of late, perhaps you'll be impressed with his contributions to The Brewing Network's reworked website and their Beer & Food section) First Course-Saison Dupont Second Course-De Ranke Guldenberg Third Course-Val Dieu Grand Cru 2006 Fourth Course-De Struise Pannepot Fifth Course-Dupont Biere De Miel Sixth Course-De Struise Pannepøt Seventh Course-Rochefort 8 Magnum 2007 Eighth Course-De Dolle Mad Bitch Ninth Course-De Struise Aardnon (Earthnun vs Earthmonk) Tenth Course-Péché Mortel 2006

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