Monday, November 03, 2008

Beers & Ballots (Ballots first?)

I'm so close to sharing with you my thoughts of the U.S. political process, the direction and tone that this year's campaign season has taken, and a strong recommendation for the guy that I'm voting for. While I don't fear expressing my political opinions with all of you, I'm afraid it might step over the line that we've drawn in the grain here. I already share with you stories of local Philly sports, my running tendencies, travel-related, and other miscellaneous stuff all of which do not always have a direct beer angle. So, I'll keep the political opinions to myself, but encourage you to do whatever it takes tomorrow to get to the polls to express your rights as a voting citizen. I do believe that the ticket with most consistently clear and compelling message is obvious and that they will win handily (though, not as handily as I believe they should.) What I can share with you, on the other hand, is what to do after you cast your vote and you await the outcome. Here in the Philadelphia area, there are no less than four "official events" occurring on Tuesday, November 4th. If you don't have tickets to Tria's Stone event, you may wish to call to see if there have been any cancellations (their website does currently say that "standing room" tickets are available). Otherwise, you can all ale the chief over at Devil's Den, get your beer grub on at Iron Hill, or celebrate 5 years of great beer and barbecue at Ortino's Northside. Need to see the full Brew Lounge calendar for November 2008? Check over here. UPDATE: Seems that Arthur and Foobooz crew have the same thought today. Check out their list of goodies to get you through just another Tuesday night. How many updates can I have before I finally put this thing out there for you? Well, here's another one. Beer Wise Brian has a very similar, though with less eagerness to share his political opinions, thought pattern today. He's added the regularly-occurring Pittsburgh happy hour at Memphis Taproom for those who miss their old stomping grounds.

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