Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Amazing Weekly Philly Beer Calendar of December 2008, week 1

This year, December's Beer Calendar in the Philadelphia Region is not planning to take a back seat to any other month of the year. With a festive calendar of events planned, I'll post a little preview of each week's events. With at least an equally long list of social events and to-do lists, you'll want to make sure that you take in at least one or two events during the month...y'know...just to keep a good life balance...and low stress...or whatever other excuses you might need to employ to avoid unpleasant tasks or obligations ;-) Here goes...week one...December 1st-December 7th 2008 You've got some tasting events to get you through the week at various locations around the region. Check out the following, for example: ~ A couple of Victory tastings include one on Fri. 12/5 - Keep the Pint Night @Les Bons Temps and one on Wed. 12/3 Meet the Brewer Night @Spinnerstown Hotel ~ On Thu. 12/4 in Old City's Triumph is a special Brewer's Reserve Barrel Tappings of Jewish Rye (beer, that is) ~ And, also on Thu. 12/4, Harpoon Brewery Promo Night @Isaac Newton's As far as Repeal Day (aka The End of Prohibition) goes, I could only turn up one event and it looks like a great one. Leave work a bit early and check out: ~ Repeal Day Celebration on Fri. 12/5 @Memphis Taproom A handful of special events and dinners look worth checking out. They include: ~ Tue. 12/2 gets the week started with Ho Ho Holiday Brews with Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack) @Tria Café ~ same night, Tue. 12/2, on the north side of center city, check out the collaborative dinner between The Institute, Root, and Sierra Nevada. ~ Fri. 12/5 - Mad Elf Night @Grey Lodge with an '07 version, '08 version, and some married version of a guy named Nick Johnson ~ Sat. 12/6 - Release Party for highly sought-after Bottled Lambics @Iron Hill ~ And a charitable festival also on 12/6, Winter Beer Festival @The Cliveden But, lucky me. One of the week's (month's?) absolute highlights looks to be just out my front door. Car service, please? ~ Sat. 12/6 - 5th Anniversary Party @TJs For the full December list, you know where to go.

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