Friday, November 14, 2008

GABF 2008---It's a Wrap

Here's an attempt to bring together most of the first-hand accounts of GABF 2008 that I've come across. If you know of others that should be included, feel free to drop me a line with a link.

In no particular order:
~Steph, another Philly-based beer enthusiast has multi-part content that traces some of the same path that Patty and I did through Colorado. Start with this link over at her site.

~Is Banjo Bandolas a pseudonym? Dunno, but Banjo has a writeup over at Real Beer

~Jay suffers from the same writing style as I, but pulls it off much better over at his eponymous beer site

~Larry threw the hometown party while the Iron Hill crew brought down the house in Denver. He writes about it on the company blog

~The brewers blog at Flossmoor Station has a few entries regarding their trip to GABF and the Pro-Am. Particularly fascinating to me was their description of the judging process

~Draft Magazine was omnipresent at the festival and had lots to say about it...and show

~Chipper Dave has a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at volunteering at GABF.

~Lew brought home a new wall hanging for his writing skills and has a bit to say about it at his blog.

~Tomme always has something interesting to say on his brewer blog. After drying out back at home, he shares some of this thoughts of GABF 2008.

~I was disappointed not to have crossed paths with talented writer (political, beer for starters), Maureen Ogle, but enjoyed catching up with her reactions to her festival experience

~Jenny Talley, award-winning brewer at Squatters in Utah, has a few words as well.

~Don Russell, aka Joe Sixpack (our Joe Sixpack, not the Governor of Alaska's) wrote about some of his favorite beers and has a link to a great illustrative map of festival winners, past and present

~Charlie Papazian reflects upon the magnitude of the GABF festival

~William Brand got around town quite a bit and shares with us some of his perspectives

~Andy Crouch analyzes the past, present, and future of the GABF from his point-of-view

~Dr. Joel of New Holland worked the festival, the town, and the networking like a man on a mission and shares a few of his thoughts on his blog.

~Brian (Mr. I'm going to Second Edition already) Yaeger of Red, White, and Brew fame found time in his busy schedule in Denver to publish not one, but two, accounts of his tales from GABF 2008

I, myself, had 15 separate postings (actually, this makes 16) about this year's GABF. I won't link directly here to each posting; but, you could start with a full directory of all of them. Then, you can pick and choose from them at your reading leisure. I know many of you like the pictures, so here are some direct links to Picasa photo albums.

People Pictures
Brewery Pictures
GABF Awards Ceremony Pictures
Scenery and Nature Pictures
Miscellaneous Beer Pictures (aka whatever's left)


Adam said...

I was just kidding about expecting more :-)

Anonymous said...

Banjo Bandolas a pseudonym? No! I'm just as American as you are.