Saturday, November 29, 2008

Draft Magazine keeps the taps flowing

It's no secret that I enjoy an active in outdoor exploits like running, biking, and hiking just to name a few. Active also in my pursuit of well-crafted beer. Many wonder if these should be mutually exclusive, as in you can be a beer drinker or a runner, but not both. I agree with one word in that sentence, the word "NOT." The regular of you readers out there can attest that I remind you (sometimes probably painfully so) that moderate consumption of great beer goes perfectly well with an active lifestyle. You could even say that they complement each other quite well. And, now, the online version of Draft Magazine has carried on with this theme with a new section called Beer Runner. Though, I've got to wonder why they didn't ask me to play host for it. Ah well, perhaps I'll get a call for an interview of me and my perspective one day soon. Check it out; they've already got some good interviews and other material up for you reading pleasure. They've got another relatively new section as well that examines the intersection of Sports & Beer. It's all part of a widening focus that Draft Magazine appears to be taking. This, paired with well-rounded coverage of the beer industry (as a whole, not necessarily just "craft") is making for a decent beer publication that's maturing quite nicely. If you haven't checked them out in a while, you might just want to do so again soon.

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Thanks for checking out the beer runner!

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