Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Holland not so new in PA anymore

Dr. Joel unveiled the New Holland Variety Pack, now available in Pennsylvania, at Exton Beverage last Friday. It's a nice looking case with four bottles each of six varieties. Most enticing to me is the inclusion of the Ichabod Pumpkin. Joel says that it's one of the last places that we'll be able to find this beer for the year. At this point, I'm calling it my new go-to Pumpkin beer for next year. It has such a nice undertone of pumpkin spice that it adheres to the rule (or at least, my rule) of being a beer first and foremost. Also in the case is oatmeal stout (The Poet), kölsch (Full Circle), brown (Cabin Fever), ipa (Mad Hatter), and amber (Sun Dog). Not a dog in the bunch. Well, other than the Sun Dog....dog, get it...right?! Get a case while you still can and share with friends. With the variety of styles, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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