Monday, November 10, 2008

The Goose is Loose

I promise that I wouldn't continue to pass along these Blind Tiger events if I didn't think they're were entirely worth your while.
When I got this list... Well, let's say my jaw is still dropped... This Wednesday Nov. 12th at 4:00PM, we are very proud to be hosting our dear friends from Goose Island Brewing Company. Here is the list: Session Sour Brown Session Saison "Clausenii" Session Saison "Lacto" Session Saison "Lambicus" Cerveza de Juerez Pappy Van Sherry Red Felt Doppelbock Wil's Saison Schwartz Bier Blue Czar Debbie’s Little Helper 2008 Bourbon County Stout Organic Pale Ale Matilda de Bois Brian's Saison Honkers Ale India Pale Ale (IPA) Nut Brown Oatmeal Stout Harvest Ale Pere Jacques Matilda 312 Mild Winter 2008 Juliet Maybe with a few other treats...if we have room! Yeah, this is going to be killer! Be sure to thank Greg Hall when you see him... Also, let it be known VSK (Very Special Keg) will be Wednesday Nov. 19th at 4:00PM... It's going to be amazing, so get ready!


Brian P said...

The Blind Tiger seems to consistently put together amazing beer nights. I still haven't had the opportunity to get there, but every time I read one of these lists I am ready to jump in the car and drive to NYC. This Goose Island lineup is beyond jaw dropping. Wow, how do these guys do it?

Bryan Kolesar said...

between connections and a penchant for saving, Alan, Dave, and company are, as you said, consistently putting together some high quality events that never fail to disappoint. If your work schedule allows, you should definitely keep your eyes on the schedule and find your way up there.