Sunday, November 09, 2008

We Ran so Fast, We Ran Through the Rain

And, we ran so fast, we didn't get as wet as if we'd run slower ;-) A Few Light Showers. Please define 'Light'. 7 runners and 8 cyclists gathered outside General Lafayette Inn & Brewery on Saturday. I considered this a great turnout given only 4 days notice and a chance of rain. It wasn't raining at the time. But with only light showers forecasted and half our run being under a canopy of autumn colors, how bad could it be?...asks the fool. Plus, running or biking in a light drizzle can actually be pleasant. Not so pleasant were the occasional downpours that we ran through. Nonetheless, everyone seemed pleased with the route, their run, and more importantly the beer and food that awaited us at the Tiedhouse in Fairmount. I'll have more to come on the Tiedhouse in the near future. From a few hours spent there this weekend and a look at the food and drink menu, I can tell that it's just one more reason for me to miss living in the Fairmount neighborhood. If you didn't catch the upper-case shouting below, the Brewmasters Breakfast Bowl on the new weekend brunch menu (we were the first brunch customers in Tiedhouse history) is the perfect after-race meal. In the meantime, you should make your own visit there and tell me what you think. There's a very good chance that I'll be hosting, but no paying for, a post-marathon luncheon at the Tiedhouse on 11/23. You'll all be the first to know if this will happen.
(The General's proprietor, Chris Leonard, lays out the route for Matt, Greg, Jay, Courtney, and Bree)
(Is this a race?)
(Refueling is key)
Fresh Beer from The General and some of the best stuff not from The General

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kmudrick said...

Looks like it was fun. Wish I could have come!