Monday, November 01, 2010

Back to the 'Burgh

I haven't talked much about Pittsburgh lately, so I figured this little snippet buried in Scott Smith's latest email would be a good place to start again. His East End Brewing Co. continues to take Pittsburgh by storm. Read on, and let me know if you have already stopped in at the Growler Shop in the Strip.
"GROWLERS IN THE STRIP DISTRICT: COME AND GET IT!" "I know you're not used to going for Growler fills in easy-to-find locations, but I hope you can adapt. We've got a brand new Growler Shop up and running in the new Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip District. Yes, I said GROWLER SHOP. It's the very first place in the state of PA where a brewery is selling Growlers of fresh beer outside of the brewery, not in a bar. And believe it or not, there is no rioting in the streets, civilization is not crumbling, in wave after wave of rampant immorality. It's completely legal, and (brace yourselves)... we're even open on Sundays. Granted with four beers on tap, the selection isn't quite as diverse as it is at the brewery, and we don't carry our Home Made Root Beer, Kegs or BIG bottles there. But for that quick Friday-after-work fillup, or capping off the all-day Saturday in the Strip District shopping extravaganza, or even that Sunday afternoon "whoops, I forgot to get beer for the game" pickup, it will certainly do the trick. And we’ve got plenty of spare jugs around. The tap list at the Market will be in constant rotation, so watch the website and the Twitter feed for the latest updates on what's pouring at BOTH locations. And for more info about the new Pittsburgh Public Market, including a map to the place, the Market's Hours, and our Growler Shop Hours, have a look here. I'll see you in the Strip!"

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Jean Broillet IV said...

Thanks for passing that along. What a cool idea.