Monday, November 29, 2010

Have one last celebratory toast to Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary

Tomorrow night (that'd be Tues. 11/30) at Teresa's Next Door in Wayne, Pa., Sierra Nevada is teaming up for one last celebration (unless someone corrects me) of the brewery's 30th anniversary. Plus, it may turn out to be one of the last times that all four anniversary beers are together on one stage. And, that too of the ExPorter (hey, look, another one!). Of course, we never say never because someone has probably squirreled away a bunch of bottles and/or kegs, but we'll only find out about that down the road. So tomorrow night here's what you'll find at the TND/Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary event: Sierra Nevada Drafts 30th Anniversary #2 (Charlie, Fred, & Ken's Bock) 30th Anniversary #3 (Jack & Ken's Ale) 30th Anniversary #4 (Grand Cru/Brewers Reserve) Beer Camp #25's ExPorter Celebration Estate Homegrown Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Bottles 30th Anniversary #1 (Fritz and Ken's Ale) Bigfoot Pale Torpedo A flight special, as TND is often wont, will feature all four anniversary beers for a nice $9 price tag.

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