Monday, November 22, 2010

Dogfish Head & Discovery Channel's Brew Masters makes its TV debut

Last night on Discovery Channel, Brew Masters made its debut at 10pm eastern time. There will be four episodes in this inaugural season. From viewing the first episode on the topic of making the first batch of Bitches Brew (second batch released this month), signs are promising for more entertaining and informative material in the next three episodes. While the hardcore beer geek faction may claim that there's nothing new to learn from the show's first episode, having Sam Calagione speak first hand for his brewery and the industry is a very good thing for newcomers to craft beer...and I'm betting that even the beer curmudgeon can find some morsels of entertainment to be pulled from the show which runs one hour in duration. For the amount of storytelling and video, it's a good thing that the show is sixty minutes instead of thirty. It gives them a chance to tell the story without feeling rushed through it. If you can't find a re-run or DVR'ed version to watch, I can't seem to find a way to watch anything more than clips via Discovery Channel's website but do see it (obviously) floating around the file sharing universe for those more adventurous of you out there. Message: set your DVR.


Derrick Peterman said...

I thought it was a pretty lively, entertaining show that didn't seem dumbed down when it went through the "Brewing 101" explanations. A little less time devoted to rap videos in upcoming installments wouldn't hurt.

Zach said...

Derrick, I agree with you 100%, but gotta remember that not everyone already knew about DFH before this show came out. I think it is good that they are showing this, it will introduce a lot of people to DFH. You can catch all of Brew Master on channel 182 on DISH Network in HD. I work at DISH and right now you can get free HD for LIFE. Check out for more information