Monday, November 29, 2010

Eastern Shore for beer, for dinner, for the Chesapeake Bay

A couple of weeks back, Patty and I made our way to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I covered the Wild Game Beer Dinner and the annual Waterfowl Festival, in St. Michaels and Easton, respectively. There's not much more to add in this space, so I'll simply link you over to The Washington Times Communities section where I filed my columns. Though, I will add for anyone with earlier not-so-good notions of the brewery (just celebrated its 2nd anniversary), you might like to swing through the Eastern Shore again and have another run-in with these beers. At Eastern Shore Brewing, under the brewing hand of Jason Marquis, I throw the Knot So Pale Ale (75 ibu..simcoe, columbus, and cascade) the Duck Duck Goose Porter (chocolate malt, saaz hops) near the top of my recommended list. If you're there in the summer sweating it out, the Magic Hefe Weizen (60% wheat) and Lighthause Ale (4.7% abv) will suit the nicely. ~ Wild Game Beer Dinner in St. Michaels with Eastern Shore Brewing at Harbour Inn [link to TWTC] ~ 40th Annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton [link to TWTC]

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