Friday, November 05, 2010

While I was out, part 2.......

My "local", TJs in Paoli, kept the home taps flowing while Patty and I were gallivanting abroad during the past month. Take, for example: - They've installed two new draft lines, bringing them to a total of 26. In an effort to keep up with the demanding thirsts of customers in search of great beer, they replaced a bottle cooler where they hid away such yellow water as Heineken, Amstel Light, Corona, and Miller High Life whose sales TJs has noticed dramatically drop over the last couple of years. In its place, they now have a direct-draw box that currently houses two new draft lines with the ability to add another four to ultimately bring them to a total of 30. Additionally, they're portable and can be wheeled outside should the need (e.g. the Paoli Blues Fest) arise. - They've invested (big time) in a draft (and message) board system that they have come to refer to as their "Digital Chalkboard". The board is hooked into their inventory system and displays plenty of information about each beer currently on tap including: name, description, location, price, and glassware. All of this on an easy-to-read chalkboard style display. In addition, promotional messages rotate through the boards as well. Terri's carpel tunnel symptoms should subside a bit now. See pictures below. - Randall Fridays continued. Last Friday, it was Ommegang's Three Philosopher's pushed through a Randall of cherries. Tonight, it will be Brooklyner Weisse with Banana Chips & Whole Cloves. TJs is preparing to celebrate its 7th anniversary (very hard to believe it's been seven years already) in December. By the way, have you not yet seen the tap list for the celebration? (Not much worthy there, you probably won't want to attend.) TJs began to put strong emphasis and dedication in to craft beer around five years ago. With constant attention to the industry and the marketplace and reinvesting in their business, it shouldn't be surprising to see them around seven years from now.
(a view from afar)
(a closer look)

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