Tuesday, November 09, 2010

a Luca Brasi sighting in New Jersey

I've learned my lesson trying to get to Iron Hill's New Jersey location one too many times. From where I begin, there's rarely a quick way through or around Philly to get to Maple Shade, NJ. Not for lack of wanting to be there, of course. The Iron Hill model is alive and well across the river. Fortunately, for me, I've got two close to me...one in Phoenixville and one West Chester. But, Luca Brasi's gonna be there tonight. How can an offer like that be refused?! No, not that Luca Brasi. This Luca Brasi. Iron Hill has a long track record of working with the homebrewing community. Chris LaPierre has been passing along wort and yeast to homebrewers in West Chester to bring the whole craft brewing industry full circle and now does the same in Maple Shade. He's taken the same philosophy to his New Jersey brewing outpost and is debuting the Luca Brasi beer tonight. It's a coffee stout "collaboration" beer brewed with local Maple Shade homebrewers Scott Davi and Jim Carruthers recent winners of the Iron Brewer competition. Check out the fun and informative video above (excellently produced by the BeerStainedLetter guy, Jeff Linkous); it'll give you all the details that you need. Then, head over to Iron Hill in Maple Shade to check out the beer tonight beginning at 7 p.m.

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