Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dock Street...pizza...saison...tonight

I'm going to the source tonight for some of their awesome hand-crafted and wood-fired pizzas and one of their very limited Brett-ed and Barrel-aged Dock Street Saison being released tonight. 50th and Baltimore in the Cedar Park neighborhood, the home of Dock Street Brewery to be precise. There's due to be a pin of it to serve on tap and a few take-home bottles available for sale. When the weather's nice, it's an enlivening walk from 30th Street Station to Dock Street Brewery. If you'd like to be dropped off at the front door without riding your bike, your longboard, or your car, you can take the '34' trolley across town from 13th/City Hall (or via a free transfer from the Market/Frankford El to the trolley at places like City Hall and 30th Street Station). There's a trolley stop immediately across Baltimore Avenue from the brewery. You say that you like the idea, but you don't want to go to the source? Three cases have made their way out to a few choice bars. Ben Potts, head brewer, provided the last of the series of clues that have been released via their website, Facebook ("dockstreetbeer"), and of course Twitter ("dockstreetbeer"). I tried singing this last clue to the tune of Downtown by Petula Clark, but it didn't quite work...and the dog covered his ears and ran away.
"One of our favorite beer spots Found in the city Head downtown OR to No Libs Where you'll find our bottles looking pretty."

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