Sunday, July 24, 2011

For your listening pleasure: Vinnie Cilurzo at NHC

James Spencer and his team over at Basic Brewing continue to do what they have done for over six years. That is, produce some of the highest-quality podcasted audio and video, mostly on the topic of homebrewing.

On a drive yesterday, I was able to take in a recently-posted audio cast that Spencer put up after this year's NHC in San Diego.

The keynote address was provided by Russian River's Vinnie Cilurzo. If you know Cilurzo, have spoken with him, or heard him speak, you already know that he is one of the nicest and well-spoken guys in the industry.

He speaks at NHC of his fascinating journey to Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa and all of the various levels of fun encountered along the way. His engaging style of presentation makes the hour go by quite easily.

And, if you have not encountered him in the past, then all the more reason to check out Basic Brewing's podcasted version of the address. Only thing better might have been to see the pictures that Vinnie put up on the screen. Maybe they'll be on this page eventually.

p.s. There's also some video from NHC Club Night on Basic Brewing's video page also worth checking out. Grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy.

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