Monday, July 18, 2011

Kicking Happy Hour, TJs style

I've made no bones nor hid the fact that TJs is the highest quality (and my favorite) all-around beer bar and restaurant nearest to my home. It's where I can be found most often spending my craft beer dollars.

The food menu, the electronic draft boards, the staff, the ambiance, the special events, and of course the beers all factor into this proclamation.

The happy hour specials (centered around "Keg Kickers") are part of this equation as well. Each weekday from 4pm-6pm, there have always been 3-4 beers priced to move -- and to be easy on the wallet at $3 (some at $4) per glass.

Now the Main Line's best happy hour, as they say, just got better. I realized this past weekend that I had this picture (above) on my phone from a recent happy hour at TJs and it reminded me to post this little ode.

The picture lovingly shows off a personal favorite of mine, Southampton Cuvee des Fleurs, and Patty's companion Belgian ale (the brand which I can not recall). But, in the back of the picture frame it also shows that happy hour specials now included all "craft cans" available for $3 from 4pm-6pm as well as a selection of 1/2-priced food items. Select wines are also included at $5 per glass.

Today, by the way, Keg Kickers are listed as: Voodoo Bitchin Camaro, Ballast Point Tongue Buckler, Sixpoint Bills Burger Beer, and Central Waters Illumination. But, keg kickers are not guaranteed to be available during, nor last throughout, happy hour.

And if you all don't get drinking the scraps from the 'scraps' event, you might even see the likes of Sculpin, Abner, Jaded, Yang, and Lectio on the specials list soon. Doesn't seem plausible, but you never can quite tell what will show up.

Still no minors in the bar area, though. Don't even ask, and please don't complain.

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