Friday, July 22, 2011

Saison Brunch at Johnny Brenda's: 7/17/11

(Ten little Saisons for brunch at Johnny Brenda's)

What is a Saison? Like many styles today, definitions are being stretched and unless you're a certified judge (and judging at a competition), this shouldn't be all too disconcerting. After all, if it resembles what most generally accept as the historical style definition and recipe (because, obviously, you can't make something that more closely resembles a Russian Imperial Stout's recipe and call it an English Pale Ale) and is delightfully tasty (because, seriously, isn't that what it's really, usually, all about?), then I say "Let them drink Saison!"

Oh boy, the heat must be getting to me, because I have no idea what I just tapped out in that there paragraph above. True enough statements, I think most would agree, but what I'm really aiming to share with you here is the Saison Brunch at Johnny Brenda's last Saturday and the diverse interpretations of the wonderful style that our local brewers had on display along side brunch creations from Johnny Brenda's kitchen staff.

(Ham & Gruyère Quiche at Johnny Brenda's)

There were Saisons ranging from 4.5-8.0% ABV.

There were Saisons from the City and the suburbs. Plus, a Saison brewed collaboratively in Belgium.

Some were hoppy, some were made with Johnny Brenda's coffee, some were fruity, while others were spicy, and yet others brought out the funk in funky farmhouse ales.

Some were dark and some were light and some were colored in between.

Some highlighted aromatics produced by the yeast and others were more subtle.

There were ten in total which made for two perfect flights of five to share between the two of us.

This was our first brunch at Johnny Brenda's and we both walked away more than satisfied. Hearty plates of Eggs Benedict and Ham & Gruyère Quiche were more than enough to satisfy our hunger.

(Brunch Menu at Johnny Brenda's)

(Eggs Benedict at Johnny Brenda's)

(Saisons of every flavor and color at Johnny Brenda's Saison Brunch)

(Saisons of every flavor and color at Johnny Brenda's Saison Brunch)

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