Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don & Wendy (aka Vanberg & Dewulf): 30 years of finding great beer

Vanberg & Dewulf is celebrating 30 years of finding great (mostly Belgian) beer and bringing it to the States.

Nearly 150 establishments across the country have signed up to help them celebrate with a Coast-to-Coast Toast promotion on November 15.

If you don't know how some of your favorite Belgian beer, like Saison Dupont, gets to your bar or your table, I strongly recommend reading Lew Bryson's piece over at as a primer.

Around the Philadelphia area, you'll find better beer bars like Monk's Café, Eulogy, Tria, and Teresa's Next Door partaking in the festivities. I'd imagine in the next two weeks, we should see a couple more handfuls joining the party.

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